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Updated: 06 Jan 2012

Student Profile: David Soden

DaveI am an artist working with moving image, sound design, music composition, song writing and performance. With a background in community art, in-between commissions, I work as a Senior Lecturer in video production at De Montfort University, Leicester. I have worked with a wide range of people – from schools and young people with no experience, to professional musicians, DJs, choreographers, writers, fine artists and film producers.

Since 1985 I have worked on a huge variety of projects from swimming pool pantomimes to interactive Indian classical dance DVDs, from issue based documentaries and dramas about gun crime, disability and sex to soundtracks for film, gallery exhibition and immersive theatre. From commercial TV theme tunes to moving image projections for dance, overwhelmingly my work is collaborative in nature. I like to work within parameters, technical or thematic, and work well with other artists and technicians towards a common goal.

One of the areas I am interested in is expanding the boundaries of documentary, investigating how the relationship between audience and subject changes with the visibility of the artist’s hand and the visibility of new technology. I am hoping this MA will enable me to be able to reflect on my own work and place it within contemporary critical framework.

I want to build upon my existing knowledge and skills in relation to both contemporary and historical multi media communication practise, especially within the context of the increasingly multi/inter/trans disciplinary environments and collaborative digital world. I am hoping to further my performance, composition and moving image production experience, by developing and strengthening my individual creative technologies practice.

I am looking forward to working with people whose understanding of new technology is far beyond my own and to explore possibilities with them.

I aim to raise my professional profile through presenting work in the public domain.

I am also a father of three brilliant kids.

My only web presence to date is FACEBOOK and MYSPACE

I aim to develop a site featuring the full breadth of my sound and moving image work whilst here at the IOCT.

For further information or to be kept informed about the IOCT Masters, please contact:
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