Creative Writing

Film and Literacy Hybrids in Networked Publishing

Film and Literacy Hybrids in Networked PublishingMy research considers film and literary hybrids as a form of creative practise within networked publishing. In effect, this asks the question: whether or not it is possible to develop and contextualise a creative practise within the blog, that combines these two elements and is able to relate this to the world in which it finds itself.

In other words, what does it mean to utilise and reflect upon the experience and culture that the work appears within? And importantly, how is it possible to have this creative practise and bring together what may at first appear to be two differing disciplines - how much do we consider it purely as text-based practise, and how much as cinematic?

I want to try to understand what theoretical reference can be brought to bear on the problem and how they enable us to think about and critically appraise the resulting artifact.

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