Leicester Digital Mapping

Palimpsests of Time

Leicester Clocktower

This project forms the main part of the PhD research being undertaken by Mr Jerry Fishenden. See the website here


To create an interactive audiovisual environment that evokes a greater sense of time and place. It will draw on archive and contemporary images, sounds and memories from specific parts of the city and enable them to be located and accessed via online maps.


To invoke a greater appreciation of the layers of the past that surround us as we move through contemporary Leicester. To have a greater appreciation of what happened in places around Leicester at previous times and to make people more conscious of the palimpsests of the past that everywhere surround us. It will seek to find ways of using new creative technologies to preserve, communicate and bring alive individual and collective memories of place over time.

For further information please contact:
Mr Jerry Fishenden
Email: jerry [at] fishenden.com