Machinima Europe (2007)

MachinimaIn 2007, the IOCT and De Montfort University staged the First European Festival of Machinima. Attendance was high and international, with visitors from across the globe. Press and media coverage was extensive and worldwide, including the BBC World Service, various internet TV channels and a parallel event in Second Life. Closer to home, the event was blogged by the IOCT's Digital Wrtier-in-Residence Chris Joseph (read Chris's blog) and by the Head of the Academy of Machinima Arts and Sciences Paul Marino (read Paul's blog).

Awards were presented to the best machinima entries, and there were screenings, panel discussions and workshops, including educational events. Subsequently the IOCT has placed three students on internships with the BBC to develop machinima in the context of children's drama, and plans have been laid for a second Festival which will take place in November 2009 (provisional date) in the new Leicester Digital Media Centre.

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