Transparent Screen Choreography

Presence, resonance, and viscerality through the live and mediated body - Kerry Francksen.

Transparent Screen ChoreographyThis project aims to investigate how the live and mediated body might coalesce in an environment, which deals with interactivity and projection. The main aim of the project is to engage in process and will consider how new technologies might challenge normative means of viewing and contexts for experiencing the moving body.

The relationship and fusion of mediums will be investigated in order to create practical and scholarly outputs.

Practical work will be undertaken in order to establish methodologies and practices that re-examine the nature of the live, mediated, and virtual body. This will culminate in a practical sharing that will be used as a means of entering into specific discourse with regards to phenomenological ideas about bodily experience and how norms of audience viewing can be challenged.

Research questions:

Aims and Objectives:



Author's biography:

Kerry Francksen is Senior Lecturer in Dance at De Montfort University. Her research focuses on the live / mediated body and philosophical ideas relating to presence, resonance and viscerality. She holds an MA in dance video installation and has made both live, screen and interactive performance, which has been performed nationally and internationally. She has also published findings on her research.

Potential co-collaborators:

Creative outputs will be practical and it is envisaged that a performative demonstration will take place in Summer 2008. Support from the IOCT includes use of space and the purchase of the transparent screen. Isadora software is supplied by funding through the Centre for Excellence in Teaching and Learning at DMU. Support will also be provided as part of the RAE in dance at DMU.

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