Creative Connections

talkingThis project consists of four practical research projects, each of which develops a different model of multidisciplinary learning projects:

Learning Lab (Jan-Feb 2008)

Planned and delivered in partnership with Assault Events and Sheffield University, this project looked at the creation of different strategies to engage children with scientific learning through collaboration between creative practitioners and early-career scientists. 

This work culminated in a week-long residency at a Sheffield primary school involving 90 year 5 children and 3 members of school staff.

Inn (April-June 2008)

Planned and developed in partnership with Assault Events and De Ferrers Specialist Technology College, this work culminates in a week-long residency that aims to develop innovation and creativity in young people through multidisciplinary learning.  This residency will run as part of the school's Technology Week and will involve around 50 young people.

Barnsley Summer Challenge (April-August 2008) and Doncaster Summer Challenge (Feb-July 2008)

Planned and delivered in partnership with Assault Events and Barnsley and Doncaster Metropolitan Borough Councils, these project looks at ways to engage children and young people with their learning through multidisciplinary activities.  This work culminates in two week-long challenge events involving 400 children and young people.

The project is funded by Knowledge Transfer Opportunity Fund, Sheffield University. Funding for residencies/challenge weeks directly from Barnsley MBC, Doncaster MBC and De Ferrers Specialist Technology College

For further information on this project please contact:
Dr Sophy Smith
Email: ssmith05 [at]