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Updated: 20 May 2013

IOCT Masters

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The IOCT invites enquiries from potential Masters by Research students. This programme will support your independent study in the development of innovative practice-based research within the context of multi/inter/trans disciplinary environments and collaborative digital world.

The research programme includes a series of short courses that support practice-based research and operates at both Masters and PhD levels. Study may be full or part time and may also be conducted overseas on a full time basis in certain circumstances. The subject areas include Dance, Design, Drama, Fine Art, Music, Information Technology, Performing Arts and Photography and combinations of these and other related disciplines. Research projects are typically integrated into themes such as Creative Computing, Interactive Arts and Media, and Networks and Collaboration.

Potential students can contact Prof. Ernest Edmonds:

For general information about applying for Masters by Research, please see enquiries and applications.

Course Philosophy

We cannot know how the world will be in thirty years from now. The world we inhabit today has changed immeasurably since that of the 1970s. Technological innovations have enabled collaboration and cooperation, communication and access to knowledge, and a radical reappraisal of creativity, in a way that was not foreseen. The IOCT Masters student will be uniquely equipped for this future world, by gaining an insight into a range of methods and practices, research and development, knowledge and understanding, uniquely drawn from a number of Faculties in De Montfort University.

It is our contention that this area 'between' traditional disciplines will grow, and that the modern Masters student needs a portfolio of skills and knowledge to become employable in the future. We hope that the IOCT Masters in Creative Technologies will provide such a portfolio.

For further information or to be kept informed about the IOCT Masters, please contact:
Dr Sophy Smith
Institute of Creative Technologies
De Montfort University, The Gateway, Leicester, LE1 9BH
Tel: (+44) 0116 255 1551, ext. 6864
Email: SSmith05 [at]

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