Updated: 06 Jan 2012

Aibo Stories

This project started with the aim of investigating what the Sony AIBO Dog can tell about its surrounding environment. The robot is equipped with software that can record images, sound and textual entries about its experiences with people and space. The project started with a workshop called AIBO Stories as part of Narrative Lab.

The outcome of this workshop directed our intention to what people may say about the robot and the impact of its shape and behaviour on the interaction between participants and the robot. As a result the project started to have two directions: what the robot can tell us about its interaction and what people can tell us about the robot's interaction.

The project continues in multiple forms:

1 - AIBO Blogging:

this is a setup of three robots continuously operational interacting with each other and with IOCT visitors. They will be recording (blogging) their experiences to which readers can respond. Analysis of the interaction and recorded blogs will be conducted.

2 - Aesthetics of Interaction:

this came about from the interaction and feedback received from participants of the workshops. It focuses on the relationship between behavioural and physical design of the robots on the interaction.


For further information please contact:
Prof Andrew Hugill
Email: ahu [at] dmu.ac.uk

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