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Updated: 06 Jan 2012

Resources and Facilities

Physical Resources

Due to the partnership nature of the Masters in Creative Technology, modules will be delivered in teaching venues in classrooms and laboratories across the university. However, the Institute of Creative Technologies building on The Gateway will be the hub of the student experience and, for appropriate modules, teaching will also take place there.

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As well as being a teaching venue, the IOCT will be your central area that you can access, hire equipment and meet and form associations and collaborations to take you through their course. The use of the IOCT building as the programme hub will ensure that students feel part of the wider programme and from this 'home', go to the three Faculties to undertake specific modules. The IOCT as programme hub is vital, not only for maximum student inclusion and involvement, but also as it will help to foster the notions of collaboration and cooperation central to the course.

The IOCT building is a multi-purpose, flexible space, which houses both humans and robots and is adaptable to the needs of its various projects and events. It is networked to the partner centres by a high-speed dedicated network supported by a super server. The street-facing walls are glass, enabling passers-by to view the interior, but there is also a blackout facility if privacy is required. Around the top of the outside runs a text display for information, but also for text-based work, and there is a listening post into which passers-by can hear work diffused from inside.

The Lobby is a small and comfortable meeting area housing a resident animatron, multimedia and acoustic installations. The Main Space in the IOCT is wireless networked and has flexible seating, making it suitable for a range of work. The space has data projection facilities, lighting and a multichannel sound system. The whole centre is on the ground floor and has full disability access. The main space also houses an Access Grid node. The Access Grid is an advanced video-conference system where people in different locations meet in a pre-arranged 'virtual venue' using audio and video tools. These Access Grid sessions can send and receive multiple video screens creating a group-to-group collaboration environment. The space will also house a colony of robots (ants, dogs, etc) who can roam and fly freely or be contained in a small area.

The equipment for the IOCT includes a number of workstations and portable equipment. The workstations are primarily based on laptops and are not fixed. They are, however, designed for different uses, including audio work, imaging, robotics and so on.
The central server is a Unix platform, and will be compatible with both Macs and PCs. There is a large array of portable and ancillary technologies and software available. Much of the equipment is available to the Masters students to hire out as required.

Online/virtual resources

The student experience will also be supported through the use of virtual and online resources, which will enable you to feel part of the IOCT community and access that community whether you are working independently or from one of the three Faculties.

Kimberlin Library

DMU library services hold a comprehensive collection of material for research and learning support specific to creative technologies-related areas, especially in the established areas of computing sciences, art and design, media and cultural arts.

DMU library services provide a customer-orientated library and information service within a stable and secure environment geared to support student learning. The library provides a great resource, for students both on and off campus and so supports independent learning well. The library offers 24-hour access, with Desks staffed from 08:45 - 21:50. The new Learning Zone will open from Wednesday 14th February 2007. This will include new assisted learning zones, syndicate rooms, a quick access IT suite and a cafe, supporting both collaborative group work and independent learning.

Short courses

The IOCT will also provide a range of short courses over summer and also during the academic year to offer non-credited training in related technologies (for example Flash and DVD authoring) as well as some surgeries. This pool of optional courses will be offered university-wide and will be free for students on the programme.

For further information or to be kept informed about the IOCT Masters, please contact:
Dr Sophy Smith
Institute of Creative Technologies
De Montfort University, The Gateway, Leicester, LE1 9BH
Tel: (+44) 0116 255 1551, ext. 6864
Email: SSmith05 [at]

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