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Updated: 06 Jan 2012

Student Profile: Andy Warrington


I have a BA (Hons) in Music, Technology, and Innovation from DMU. I come from a creative music tech background, but I more see myself as a writer across a variety of different media who utilises technology in my creative process.

I chose this programme because I felt it would allow me to pursue areas of interest that hadn't previously been my main focus. I also felt it would give me a broader range of experience and it would allow me more options when it came to choosing what I'd like to do after university.

Also, having been previously taught by Andy Hugill and Sophy Smith and having really enjoyed being taught by them I felt that a course under their direction would also be enjoyable. Not to mention how impressed I was with the facilities when I first visited the IOCT.

What I've found really exciting is the scope of the course. Due to the amount of choice we've been given with regards to what we can do on the course I've ended up doing things completely unrelated to my background and I've enjoyed this new direction immensely.

Due to the fact that most of what I'm doing is in areas I haven't worked in much before, I've found that I've had to learn a lot of new ideas and concepts and so certain projects have been more difficult than they might be to someone with more experience. I've found all the staff very helpful in acknowledging this and I've also found ways that I can use my established knowledge in inventive ways that allow me to compensate for these new gaps in my learning.

My final project of creating a website with the view to creating a helpful creative writing community particularly interests me as it brings together most of the things I've been studying on this course or at least have touched on in some way. These being: Web design, graphic design, creative writing, online communities and collaborative technologies.

In the future I'd hope to turn my creative writing website into some kind of business, making money through advertising or possibly a subscription service. I could then move into possibly independently publishing certain pieces of work on the site as either e-books or actual paper books. From there, there are many other opportunities of independently publishing artefacts other than books, such as music or short films.

For further information or to be kept informed about the IOCT Masters, please contact:
Dr Sophy Smith
Institute of Creative Technologies
De Montfort University, The Gateway, Leicester, LE1 9BH
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