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Updated: 06 Jan 2012

Student Profile: Kieren Boddy

I graduated in 2007 from the University of Hull, Scarborough Campus with a 2:1 in BSc (Hons) Internet Computing with Creative Media. I have not had a ‘proper’ job apart from working at the Oxfam Warehouse, Hull, in which I gave a helping hand in setting up and maintaining their online eBay store. I have come from an Internet Computing background, more specifically a web programming, usability and standards background.

I chose the IOCT Masters program because I wanted to gain more experience in the Creative Technologies field before starting a PhD in said field. There were other Masters in similar fields but the IOCT Masters was the most appropriate one in the field of study and had a more tailored mode of education compared to other Universities.

I have found the level of creativity I have had since starting my course the most exiting aspect. This has mostly occurred in my Creative Writing and New Media module in which, prior to the course, I had no experience in whatsoever.

Being from a Programming background with at bit of Digital Arts, I have been challenged by the way the IOCT works as it is different from the Computer Science rules I am used to. The same would be for those that are from a Digital Arts background working with the IOCT as it has elements of Computer Science rules as well. I have overcome the problem by identifying what rules are similar to the ones I am familiar with and adapting my outlook with the new rules and building a stable framework in which I can be creative as well as being able to know exactly where I am and what needs to be done.

I am currently working on a group advert project that will use new media technologies to highlight the plight of co2 emissions from cars and aims to persuade people to buy ‘Green’ vehicles. I would like to continue my studies by working towards a PhD in Creative Technologies and then work within the realms of academic research and development.

For further information or to be kept informed about the IOCT Masters, please contact:
Dr Sophy Smith
Institute of Creative Technologies
De Montfort University, The Gateway, Leicester, LE1 9BH
Tel: (+44) 0116 255 1551, ext. 6864
Email: SSmith05 [at]

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