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Updated: 06 Jan 2012

Student Profile: Fania Raczinski

FaniaI'm a curious and appreciative girl on an exciting journey with no end in sight. I graduated in 2007 with a First in a BSc in Computer Science (Europe). My major project was centred around a rather uncommon programming language called Haskell, using it to write a Sudoku solver, comparing it to the performance of a SAT (Boolean Satisfiability) Solver and analysing the results.

I enjoyed using Haskell to write a complete program including the GUI and working with SAT was very interesting. Before that I attended a European School where I was taught in my first and second language.

Even though I did Computer Science in my first degree, I don't consider myself a programmer or a geek. I still feel strongly drawn to arts and culture in general. I used to do lots of extracurricular arts and language classes when I was younger and I am taking language classes even now. Languages in general interest me, be it natural languages or programming languages. I am also quite interested in museums and the way we preserve cultural heritage and knowledge.

I decided to do this Masters so I can combine my passion for culture with my educational background in computing. I didn't want to stay in computing but on the other hand I didn't want to lose it either. And I liked the idea of being able to incorporate my interest in creative and cultural things without the need of a previous degree in it.

Since starting the course I have been overwhelmed by all the information being thrown at me and we have the most incredible discussions in lectures and I also like the fact that we are taught by so many interesting people which really broadens my views on things. I am really curious about our “Scrap Attack” Group Project – We don't really know how to do what we would like to do but it sounds exciting and fun most of all!

I am not sure where I see myself in a year’s time at the moment. There are exciting ideas from a variety of backgrounds being thrown at me every day here and even if I give you and idea of where I'd like to be in the future now, it is likely to change completely by the end of the course!

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