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Updated: 06 Jan 2012

Student Profile:

SteveI graduated from DMU with a BSc in Media Production BSc in 2007, before working for a year as an online video producer for Nottingham Forest F.C. and then spending another year working in London in film and TV post-production, first as a runner and then as a VT operator and junior Colourist. As my professional background suggests I came to the course mainly with a history in digital video, something which I still enjoy and get a lot out of, but I’m now looking to broaden my perspective and take on board some new ideas and perspectives.

I chose the IOCT Masters because of the broad range of modules on offer across various disciplines, offering me the perfect chance to stop pigeon-holing myself as simply a ‘video-guy’ and expose myself to other areas that I’ve always been interested in but never explored, but all the while still in a context where what I’ve learned during my educational and professional background can be as relevant (or not!) as I want it to.

The IOCT Masters course is sold on the fact that it transcends the boundaries between the Arts, Technology and Humanities, and it really does do just that, which has given me the opportunity to see media arts and technology from perspectives and viewpoints that wouldn’t in the past have concerned me or been apparent to me. There’s also a range of input from staff across different areas, faculties and expertise, giving the Masters a feel that as well as being part of a wider community within the university we as students can benefit from the wider knowledge base that accompanies that.

Critical thinking is considered important in the IOCT, as is the discussion and sharing of ideas and opinions as a group. These haven’t exactly been strong points of mine in the past, but the varied viewpoints and backgrounds of the students and staff involved in the Masters as well as the inclusion of elements from different disciplines in the teaching and thinking at the Institute are helping me to include these in my own way of thinking and working.

For one of my modules I’m currently working on an Interactive Media project for which I’m designing an online video showcase with what will hopefully be an intuitive method of navigation. I’m particularly excited about this work, as it’s the kind of project I’ve never really experienced or attempted before and so it’s going to be a bit of a challenge (hopefully a fruitful one!). We’re also taking part in a competition to create something new and original from a list of items stored at IOCT lab, which should throw up some interesting ideas!

I’ve come to the IOCT with a firm idea that I want to follow up my Masters by continuing to pursue my research interests in the form of a PhD, ideally within DMU and the IOCT, before hopefully moving into academia and university lecturing myself in the future. And of course I’d hope to back this up by using what I’ve learned to stay creative in my own time as well!

For further information or to be kept informed about the IOCT Masters, please contact:
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