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Student Profile: Ben Ward

I have a BSc with honours in Media Productions from DMU and have previously worked for HP, Sony and Ricoh.  I am currently working for Pitch Your Case.  Rather than coming from a specific discipline area, my work blends a mixture of Technology, Art and Design and Humanities.

I chose this Masters after reading about having the opportunity to experience firsthand the new technology that is available. I also wanted to fully test myself and hopefully receive an MSc upon completion of the course. I have found using the wide array of new technology that is now available incredibly stimulating. Learning new skills using technology that not many people have mastered yet is very exciting and will also prove very useful for the future.

The main challenge I have had to overcome is becoming proficient using Solidworks in one week, without any prior knowledge of the software. By getting familiar with the software in my own time and linking some of the features of Solidworks with a program that I already knew, I was able to learn Solidworks to a competent level and produce some really good work.

I am really motivated when researching ideas for my Major Project as I have a few ideas in mind. When researching the idea and assessing whether it is feasible or not, I gain valuable skills to be able to accurately assess the prospects of future projects.

Using the same mentally that I have developed this year - trying to use programs in a way they were not primarily created for - I will be able to continue working in creative technology.

Dr Sophy Smith
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