IOCT Masters

Student Profile: Jozef Saje

I’ve moved from a simple music degree and the technology surrounding that into the IOCT course. I also have a keen interest in Physics, Electronic and Computer Programming.
When I started the course I thought I came from a specific disicpline area, but now I can see my skills  were over a quite a broad area (and now continuing to expand!).
I chose this Programme as a means to further my education and knowledge in Technology.

The most exciting thing about the course so far is the project work and trans-disciplinary work that you do. If you work at it, you can be really cutting edge!

Challenges have been the large reading lists for certain modules! But as long as you take it one book at a time and start to know what’s relevant it helps a lot! Another challenge is meeting a new programming language (I have previously worked with Java) and moving into ActionScript became quite challenging! However, regular breaks and some musical motivation has pulled me through!

For my Interactive Media project I’m creating an interactive presentation for Jaguar/Land Rover on Generation Y. I’m testing the prototype using Eye-Tracking software in conjunction with a Doctoral student. When the project is finished it shall be presented online to every Jag/Land Rover employee.

I haven’t decided how I would like to continue my work in creative technologies after the Masters.  I’m really quite motivated about all sorts of projects so I don’t want to narrow my field just yet!


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