IOCT Masters

Student Profile: Sally Hossack

I have a BA Honours in Media Studies from De Montfort University and professional experience in television production, graphic design, web development, music technology and performance. I see myself as being necessarily multi disciplinary, working in many areas of media production and technology.

I chose this masters as the programme allows a bridging process between computer science and the arts. It has been useful to learn how to develop my skills in programming to allow my design skills to flourish online.

Having been a freelancer now for 10 years, working in teams has been a difficult part of this course as with the teams I normally work within professionally, the roles are clearly defined and ability is not an issue. Having been a lecturer for some years also I have had to change the way I work in teams as my role is now as part of the team as opposed to being an instructor for their progress.  This has been challenging.

I would like to include programming and fused media as part of my skillset to offer as a freelancer, thus modernising my company and allowing my graphics and video work more scope of media platforms

Dr Sophy Smith
Institute of Creative Technologies
De Montfort University, The Gateway, Leicester, LE1 9BH
Tel: (+44) 0116 255 1551, ext. 6864
Email: SSmith05 [at]

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