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Updated: 03 May 2013

Student Profile: Dan Livesey

Dan Livesey

I am a musician and a music technologist. Since starting out in performance, I’ve been teaching music technology for a number of years. I have a wealth of experience in traditional recording practice, though my area of particular expertise is electronic music, for which I use cutting edge production tools for composition and remixing. I am developing my work in computer based music, exploring the relationships between sound and music, image and colour, perception and location. Working with the MAX programming environment I am creating a range of experimental processes which encourage users to interact with and explore these relationships. These processes are leading to the development of a range of standalone production tools, which may be of interest to musicians, composers and performers. An extension to this work is the exploration of the potential for using tangible user interfaces to help break apart traditional approaches to music mixing and composition.

Keywords: Music, sound, colour, digital image, generative video, interactivity, perception.

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