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Updated: 03 May 2013

Student Profile: Michael Uwins

Michael Uwins

I am a songwriter, music producer and self-proclaimed audio geek. As a wannabe popstar growing up in the 1980s, I always wanted to know the answer to the question, ‘What exactly do music fans love about their favourite records?’. Is it all about the tune? The harmony? The melody? How important is the sound quality? What goes on inside our minds? How do we process and understand sound? Are there other factors in play, such as aesthetics, fashion or culture? How does technology shape the way in which we enjoy sonic art? The purpose of my research is to undertake an investigation of the listener experience, which will help to inform not only my own work as a producer, but also to provide marketing intelligence for the music industry. My showcase installation invites the listener to interact with music in a variety of formats and environments, allowing them to discover and explore their own preferences.

Keywords: Psycho-acoustics, listener experience, interaction, aesthetics, pop music, consumer culture, sonic art, music industry.

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