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Updated: 03 May 2013

Student Profile: Tanya Jones

Tanya Jones

After moving to Nottingham in the late 90’s I achieved a HND in Music Technology and soon I started teaching the subject. Through teaching I found a talent for sharing information in an informal, friendly fashion, while maintaining a confident authority. To further my passion I decided to study for a CertEd at Bedfordshire University. In need of a change in scenery I moved to Greece. There I worked with a diverse group of artists, in major studios and at the city’s concert hall, working closely with the orchestra, recording and mixing rehearsals and performances. Involved with festivals and musical conferences I gained a wealth of experience in serving musicians and artists. As a side project I helped to establish a school for disenfranchised girls from the oppressed Romany community, established to empower youth to make decisions based on moral judgments. Now back in England, I am working as a lecturer and studying for a Masters in Creative Technologies at DMU to help develop my creative and academic skills. I have developed a liking for documentary making and pride myself on choosing appropriate and moving music.

Keywords: Music production, documentary film, meditation,community work.

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